Providing Economic Security for All

We must prepare for the future by supporting economic policy that works for all our working families throughout their lifespan. If we want an economy that works for everyone, it’s time to strengthen access to quality healthcare, retirement security, affordable housing and get serious about protecting our environment.

Require Corporations and the Elite to Pay their Fair Share Corporations continue to make record profits, yet far too many of them pay nothing in federal income tax. Meanwhile, the top one percent continues to expand its piece of the economic pie, while often paying lower tax rates than working families.

Expand Retirement Security

Social Security benefits play a vital role in reducing poverty. Without Social Security, 22.2 million more Americans would be poor, and 44 percent of elderly Americans would have income levels below the official poverty line. Seventy-five million working Americans do not have a retirement plan, and half of all Americans have less than $10,000 in savings. We need a comprehensive approach to ensuring that everyone, regardless of income, geography, gender, race, or vocation has a guaranteed opportunity to retire with a secure income that will allow them to live out their lives with dignity and independence.

Supporting Workers’ Rights to Raise Wages and Improve Workplace Standards

An economy that works for everyone must be one that raises wages and ensures that everyone who works full time can support themselves and his or her family. When workers come together and have a voice at work, they have the power to improve their wages and benefits and ensure they are treated with dignity on the job.  Our current labor laws do not support workers who want to form a union. It’s time we reform laws to protect workers who want to bargain collectively for better pay and better working conditions. We need to support new ways for workers to form organizations that can raise wages across the economy.

Support the Fight for $15 and minimum wage initiatives.
The Fight for $15 movement has galvanized workers across the country who are working hard and struggling to get by every day. Thousands of workers, from fast food workers to child care teachers to home care providers, have joined strikes and other actions to win $15/hour and union rights. Their courage has helped focus the country on the crisis of underpaid work.

Big Sky 55+ will:
  • Support and protect union pensions and retirement security through a worker’s lifetime.
  • Support collective bargaining agreements and workers’ rights to organize and all efforts to raise the minimum wage and benefits such as; parental and sick leave.
  • Oppose all Right to Work legislation, including any and all anti-worker legislation that unfairly favors corporations over workers.