Montana Veterans

Montana’s veterans have sacrificed for our great country. We must honor that sacrifice by taking care of them and their families. We can do better at taking care of veterans. Montana has one of the nation’s highest rates of per-capita active duty soldiers and veterans. Stronger support is needed to provide veteran health services and to help military men and women transition back to civilian life.

Health Care Choice and Affordability: 

Strengthen the Veterans Choice Act to better serve rural veterans

  • Increase accountability at the Veterans Administration.
  • Keep rural hospitals open.
  • Expand access to health care and enhance mental health services for veterans.
  • Make it easier for veterans to access the benefits they earned.
  • Oppose The American Health Care Act because it is Un-American and will leave Montana Veterans without much-needed care.

 Economic Development and Transitioning to the Workforce:

  • Support the Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act that will enable veterans to receive entrepreneurial training programs and assistance on developing business plans to start their own business.
  • Incentivize businesses to train and hire veterans.
Big Sky 55+ will:
  • Support and promote full and adequate funding for the Veterans Health Care Administration.
  • Oppose any and all efforts to privatize veteran’s services.
  • Support federal and state legislation that protects and enhances Veterans health care throughout a veteran’s lifetime.