Right to a Clean and Healthful Environment

Protect Our Environment

We believe it is our responsibility to leave our children, grandchildren, and future generations a “clean and healthful environment.” It is our constitutional right and our responsibility to pass our rich natural legacy of clean air and water and fertile lands on to future generations in excellent condition.

Working families, many of whom live in or near our major cities, disproportionately experience the toll of environmental injustices everyday—higher pollution levels and increased exposure to environmental hazards at home and at work.  Sadly, as a result of climate change, our communities at home and abroad have also been destroyed by more frequent natural disasters. We must address the human and economic threats of environmental degradation while creating an economy that works for all.

Montanans are seeing the effects of climate change firsthand as our state turns into a tinderbox:

  • Wildfire season in Montana is 2 1/2 months longer than it was in 1990.
  • Fires cost Montana over $60 million last year (not counting health impacts from smoke and the loss of cattle.)
Big Sky 55+ will:
  • Support protecting Montana’s precious water, its lakes, rivers, and streams.
  • Support increasing access to our public lands and assure they stay in public hands.
  • Support and maintain our state and city parks.
  • Support protecting special places like the Badger Two Medicine for future generations.